South Vietnam:

Sept. 1967 - Dec 1968

Children�s Rehab Centre
Qui Nhon, South Vietnam.

One of 5 British & Vietnamese RNs plus 20 trainees caring for up to 50 war wounded children. Lines of cots, napalm burns, amputees, shattered limbs, hidden trauma, new names, no mums, no dads, just us�then came, care, hugs, giggles, play, fun, love and hope!

The 67th evac US army field hospital consisted of a cluster of Quonset huts huddled together at one end of the airstrip, just over the back wall of our children's rehabilitation centre. These huts housed the broken young men of America, wounded in body and spirit. The choppers arrived with sickening regularity to disgorge their bloodied payloads. I stood in awe of the courageous Huey dustoff pilots, often plucking the wounded when under heavy fire...

Nothing can prepare you for the horrific scale of damage and waste during conflict.

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